TNL eSports Brand Tracker 006: Immortals Wears MeUndies

TNL ESPORTS BRAND TRACKER 006: Immortals Wears MeUndies

(Photo: MeUndies)

TNL Take: So awesome. Yes a $10M venture funded “vertically integrated, direct-to-consumer basics company” sponsored an eSports team.

Regardless of what Immortals does with MeUndies going forward this video is amazing:

While that’s a great win for Immortals, I’d be a little careful in making statements like this from their CEO Noah Winston:

“In eSports, sponsorships can range anywhere from a few thousand dollars a month if you just want something like social posting, all the way up to high-six, low-seven-figures”

I’ll say this, there is no way I would recommend to a Brand that they spend a few thousand for posts and over $1M for team sponsorship. I’m not sure if Noah is referring to his own teams pricing but Immortals has a way to go to catch other North American team’s social presence at least on Twitter:


At this pace, we will easily exceed 50+ Non-Endemic Brands spending in eSports in 2016.