TNL eSports Brand Tracker 010: Soylent and eSports Arena

TNL ESPORTS BRAND TRACKER 010: Soylent and eSports Arena

(Photo: eSports Arena)

TNL Take:  I always love seeing new, innovative brands take the leap into eSports.

If you haven’t heard of Soylent, it’s basically a drink that replicates a nutritious meal at about $3 each. You can see why this audience would be perfect for Soylent: Quick, cheap and gets you full so you can keep gaming.

There was no info on this, so I don’t have the details on the overall partnership with eSports Arena, but Soylent did tell me that “eSports is a segment we’re interested in”. In addition to being mentioned on eSports Arena’s Twitter, the most prominent features were product placement on the Analyst desk and In Game logo.

(Photo: The Next Level)

This is not Soylent’s first venture into eSports — last year they sponsored the ESL ESEA Pro League and ESL One Event at Madison Square Garden.

Looking forward to seeing them do more this year.