TNL eSports Brand Tracker 013: Honor and Asphalt8

TNL ESPORTS BRAND TRACKER 013: Honor and Asphalt8

(Photo: Gameloft)

TNL Take: This is great and ironic at the same time.

I wrote about Asphalt 8 in relation to Twitch’s first mobile SDK integration when looking at the live streaming competitors. As the SDK needed individual integration, it wasn’t a scalable product, never took off and allowed others like Mobcrush to enter mobile live streaming.

The great aspect is to see another new brand like Honor invest in eSports and especially on mobile. The irony is that Gameloft partnered with YouTube influencers on this brand deal — on a game that had previously been integrated by Twitch.

I’ve spoken for a while on the mobile eSports opportunity and for brands to get in early.

Good to see Honor taking the plunge.