TNL eSports Brand Tracker 004: Mobil1 and iRacing

TNL ESPORTS BRAND TRACKER 004: Mobil1 and iRacing

(Photo: iRacing)

(Photo: iRacing)

TNL Take: I'm not a huge fan of Auto Racing. I live in New York and have no reason to drive between Uber and the subway.

I hate driving in general.

But I spent over an hour watching iRacing this weekend and I'm still not sure why but the presentation for Racing eSports is very well done.

I'm surprised that iRacing hasn't been on my radar till now but here's the quick overview:

Using laser-scanned Racing tracks, players can pay a monthly fee to race against other players or an event like this against NASCAR driver Tony Stewart sponsored by Mobile1.

The interesting part is that iRacing doesn't have a major Gaming Publisher backing like we have in eSports via Riot, Valve, Activision-Blizzard or EA.

It's also great to see Mobil1 activate inside eSports twice in 2016 so far and hope that we see further expansion outside of Auto Racing like iRacing and Rocket League.