TNL eSports Brand Tracker 034: Quest Nutrition and Robert Morris University


TNL eSports Brand Tracker 037: Quest Nutrition (Photo: Quest)

TNL Take: Back in May in The Next Level 008, I looked at the emerging Collegiate eSports opportunity and how Robert Morris University was leading by providing $1M+ worth of eSports scholarships.

Analyzing the horizontal opportunities, Health and Nutrition fit in nicely and I mentioned Quest Nutrition's previous Sponsorship of top eSports squad Team Liquid.


Well it looks like someone listened. 😎


Quest Nutrition announced a partnership with Robert Morris University to incorporate a healthier lifestyle regiment along with Sponsorship of RMU's 5 eSports team encompassing 75 Student Athletes.


This is just the start of a new Brand opportunity within Collegiate eSports.

TNL PREVIEW: I'm almost done with an update to the previous Collegiate analysis and Ill leave this hint:

The number of schools investing in eSports has doubled since I last spoke to the Schools in May.