TNL Esports Brand Tracker 005: Dr. Pepper

TNL Take: Welcome back to US esports Dr. Pepper. Last week, Dr. Pepper announced a new partnership with top squad TSM (Team Solomid) which brings them full circle.

Dr. Pepper was one of the early movers in esports and had several integrations with Major League Gaming back in the day which included flashy booths, gamers on Dr. Pepper cans, sponsoring a number of players and even hosted their own co-branded web-series, the "Dr. Pepper Ultimate Gaming House".

However since then, Dr. Pepper had primarily invested in the German esports scene with the Dr. Pepper All-Star tournament and sponsorship of Mousesports.


While no integration details were revealed, you can probably expect branded videos like this.

TSM also has one of the largest non-endemic brand sponsors which now includes Dr. Pepper, Gillette and GEICO.