TNL Esports Brand Tracker 002: Coca-Cola

TNL Take: Coca-Cola continues its tradition of esports brand integration by working again with publishers and theaters to hold viewing parties. They have previously done this for the League of Legends Finals and the Overwatch launch.

This year Coca-Cola partnered with publisher Hi-Rez Studios for the Smite 2018 Championship which occurred this past Sunday.

Coca-Cola Smite Viewing Party (Photo: Regal Cinemas)

Coca-Cola Smite Viewing Party (Photo: Regal Cinemas)

Two interesting points on this partnership. Previously, there had been a minimum number of tickets that needed to be purchased for the esports event to happen. After checking a few of the theaters, this requirement has been removed for the Smite Championship.

Second, the swag that was given out previously were branded cups or thundersticks.


For this partnership, Coca-Cola and Hi-Rez will be giving out thundersticks in addition to exclusive digital items that were given to those that attended Hi-Rez's expo last week. This is super smart to include the same exclusive items for those that weren't able to travel to the expo.

I'd expect going forward, Coca-Cola and their publisher partners will continue to push both physical and digital goods with their their viewing parties.