TNL eSports Brand Tracker 023: T-Mobile and Twitch E3 eSports Arena


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TNL Take: T-Mobile has been involved in Gaming for many years and I helped close their first social gaming sponsorship at Zynga.

T-Mobile Sponsorship In Zynga's Treasure Island (Photo: Zynga)

T-Mobile Sponsorship In Zynga's Treasure Island (Photo: Zynga)

Within eSports, T-Mobile sponsored team Evil Geniuses in 2014 and was part of ESL's event at Madison Square Garden in 2015.

T-Mobile and Evil Geniuses (Photo: Evil Geniuses)

T-Mobile and Evil Geniuses (Photo: Evil Geniuses)

In 2016, T-Mobile announced that their Binge On program would include content from YouTube Gaming, DailyMotion....and Azubu, which I called out as a risk at that time.

Azubu was sold in a firesale to Hitbox in May of this year.

Announced yesterday, T-Mobile's most recent partnership with Twitch at E3 looks a bit more promising.

T-Mobile will be the presenting sponsor for the Twitch eSports Arena at this year's E3 which will feature a fighting game genre tournament featuring Street Fighter V, TEKKEN 7, and Injustice 2.. 

In a smart move, each day of the 3 day activation will feature a different game.  T-Mobile is also allowing fans to vote for their MVP of each daily tournament as well via Twitter/Twitch hashtag #TMobileMVP.


Welcome back let's move more of that MLB budget over to eSports.

TNL eSports Brand Tracker 010: Soylent and eSports Arena

TNL ESPORTS BRAND TRACKER 010: Soylent and eSports Arena

(Photo: eSports Arena)

TNL Take:  I always love seeing new, innovative brands take the leap into eSports.

If you haven’t heard of Soylent, it’s basically a drink that replicates a nutritious meal at about $3 each. You can see why this audience would be perfect for Soylent: Quick, cheap and gets you full so you can keep gaming.

There was no info on this, so I don’t have the details on the overall partnership with eSports Arena, but Soylent did tell me that “eSports is a segment we’re interested in”. In addition to being mentioned on eSports Arena’s Twitter, the most prominent features were product placement on the Analyst desk and In Game logo.

(Photo: The Next Level)

This is not Soylent’s first venture into eSports — last year they sponsored the ESL ESEA Pro League and ESL One Event at Madison Square Garden.

Looking forward to seeing them do more this year.

TNL eSports Brand Tracker 011: Dolby and eSports Arena

TNL ESPORTS BRAND TRACKER 011: Dolby and eSports Arena

(Photo: eSports Arena)

TNL Take: More new Brands make their first foray into eSports and this time it's Dolby sponsoring a $10,000 Overwatch Tournament at the eSports Arena in Orange County.

Few things to note:


  • For Overwatch to get a Brand partner just days after launch shows the massive potential for this game. I believe Overwatch will be big in 2017 and another eSports franchise for Activision-Blizzard.


  • Dolby’s Headphone technology is integrated into many gaming headsets; most notably Astro and Turtle Beach which have long supported eSports. This opens the opportunity for mainstream brands like Beats, Bose, Shure, Skullcandy, Sony, and JVC to also target this audience.


Sennheiser has been very active in the space and previously sponsored the ESL Guild Wars Pro Leagueteam sponsorships starting in 2007, and current top teams G2Alliance, and mousespots.

Monster has also announced a partnership with the original eSports pro Fatal1ty.

TNL eSports Brand Tracker 033: Hot Pockets and eSports Arena


TNL eSports Brand Tracker 032: Hot Pockets (Photo: Hot Pockets)

TNL Take: Hot Pockets may be permanently connected to Jim Gaffigan in my head.

Hot Pockets are awesome and now the Nestle owned Brand is moving into eSports. The company is sponsoring a two day event at eSports Arena in Santa Ana featuring top YouTuber's playing a variety of games.

In addition to eSports Arena, Hot Pockets will also be doing a Twitch live stream with announcer's calling the tournaments.

They even had a design agency make a custom GIF Photo Booth just for the event.

A happy Dad and Kid (GIF: Hot Pockets)

Great overall execution with Hot Pocket's first eSports investment. 

In the "microwaveable pizza type product" category, Hot Pockets was actually second.

General Mill's Totino's Pizza Rolls Brand had a Call of Duty $50K Tournament in November 2015 - hence why not in TNL eSports Brand Tracker for 2016.

Totino's Call of Duty Sponsorship (Photo: Totino's)