TNL eSports Brand Tracker 044: Coca-Cola and Battlefy

TNL ESPORTS BRAND TRACKER 044: Coca-Cola and Battlefy

TNL eSports Brand Tracker 044: Coca-Cola (Photo: Battlefy)

TNL Take: As 2016 starts to wind down thank you - Prince. Bowie. Brexit... - I was going to add Coca-Cola to my "Where Are These Brands?" List.

Just like life and timing, after I spoke at Pepsi’s eSports and Gaming Summit - the company goes on a tear.

Over the past two months, Coca-Cola has now activated across 4 different eSports/Gaming programs:

Coca-Cola and ESWC in Paris Games Week

Coca-Cola and League of Legends Movie Viewing Parties

and now the #eCopa FIFA 17 Tournament on Battlefy.

But the Battlefy partnership is the most interesting because it focuses on a what I believe will be a key piece that will be needed to build the eSports infrastructure in the future:


The #eCopa tournament not only provides a $10,000 prize pool but more importantly, a Wildcard slot in the EA FIFA 17 Ultimate Regional Final.

This is very smart and Ill show you why.

Here's how the qualifications work:

TNL eSports Brand Tracker 044: Coca-Cola (Photo: Battlefy)

Once a student wins his/her own bracket - he or she gets to represent their school at the Regionals.

Now you can start to tie it all together: eSports, Colleges and Brands.

If you need a quick primer, here's what I wrote about it in May.

The biggest question of any Ad spend across any Medium boils down basically to: 1) How many people saw it 2) How did they engage with it and 3) Do they feel better about the brand/want to buy the product.

I'd like to see the results post campaign but a few of the schools I checked didn't have a very high participation rate after the opening rounds closed.

TNL eSports Brand Tracker 44: Coca-Cola (Photo: Battlefy)

To be clear, I'm not saying this is a failure by any means - I'm saying the exact opposite.

I would guess that limited marketing was done at schools to educate the students about this opportunity. A minimal spend would have had a huge increase in ROI.

So going back to the success metrics, I hope it's not a one-and-done because it's a big open space.

It's still very early and I'm happy to see Coca-Cola continue its investment into eSports especially in the Collegiate space.

PS Although technically not eSports, Coca-Cola has also partnered with 7-11 with another FIFA 17 promotion for the usual "Buy Something, Get Something" programs that work extremely well.

Coca-Cola and EA Sports FIFA 17 Promotion (Photo: Coca-Cola)

TNL eSports Brand Tracker 040: Coca-Cola and Paris Games Week


Coca-Cola Presents Paris Games Week (Photo: Paris Games Week)

TNL Take:  After a relatively quiet first half of the year, Atlanta based Beverage Brand Coca-Cola is getting into eSports via Sponsorship of Paris Games Week.

Paris Games Week is one of the largest Gaming events in the world and has held eSports events during the Fall weekend for many few years now.

In fact, Coke Zero was the Official Beverage of the Videogames World Cup during Paris Game Week 2011.

EA FIFA makes it to Paris Games Week for the seventh consecutive year with a 32-Player $15,000 tournament.

The next is even more impressive: Supercell's Clash Royale will hold a 2-month long tournament to choose 128 Players to play at Paris Games Week for a $10,000 Prize Pool.

Clash Royale Tournament at Paris Games Week (Photo: Paris Games Week)

Maybe Coca-Cola will take it's relationship with Clash Royale even further?