TNL Esports Brand Tracker 010: T-Mobile

TNL Take: Another big win for Activision-Blizzard's Overwatch League in securing T-Mobile as a brand partner.

T-Mobile isn't new to the space and has made several esports investments over the past few years including:

For Overwatch League, T-Mobile becomes the official wireless carrier for multiple years and will include the exclusive title sponsor of the Regular Season MVP, Finals MVP awards and branded content.

TNL eSports Brand Tracker 023: T-Mobile and Twitch E3 eSports Arena


E3 Arena.png

TNL Take: T-Mobile has been involved in Gaming for many years and I helped close their first social gaming sponsorship at Zynga.

T-Mobile Sponsorship In Zynga's Treasure Island (Photo: Zynga)

T-Mobile Sponsorship In Zynga's Treasure Island (Photo: Zynga)

Within eSports, T-Mobile sponsored team Evil Geniuses in 2014 and was part of ESL's event at Madison Square Garden in 2015.

T-Mobile and Evil Geniuses (Photo: Evil Geniuses)

T-Mobile and Evil Geniuses (Photo: Evil Geniuses)

In 2016, T-Mobile announced that their Binge On program would include content from YouTube Gaming, DailyMotion....and Azubu, which I called out as a risk at that time.

Azubu was sold in a firesale to Hitbox in May of this year.

Announced yesterday, T-Mobile's most recent partnership with Twitch at E3 looks a bit more promising.

T-Mobile will be the presenting sponsor for the Twitch eSports Arena at this year's E3 which will feature a fighting game genre tournament featuring Street Fighter V, TEKKEN 7, and Injustice 2.. 

In a smart move, each day of the 3 day activation will feature a different game.  T-Mobile is also allowing fans to vote for their MVP of each daily tournament as well via Twitter/Twitch hashtag #TMobileMVP.


Welcome back let's move more of that MLB budget over to eSports.

TNL eSports Brand Tracker 014: T-Mobile and Live Streaming

TNL ESPORTS BRAND TRACKER 014: T-Mobile and Live Streaming

(Photo: T-Mobile)

TNL Take: This one is a head scratcher. 

T-Mobile recently announced a Gaming live streaming partnership which doesn't dock users for data under their Binge On program.

YouTube Gaming and DailyMotion Games make sense and fit’s in with T-Mobile’s larger Gaming/eSports strategy of which they’re the clear leader in the Telco space. In fact both League of Legends and Hearthstone are mentioned in the first line of the Press Release.

Including Azubu content at this time is a bit risky.

They’re in a little brawl over a community based gaming wiki site (don’t worry about that) but more importantly; I’m not sure if they can compete in the US even with the large amount of funding raised, the exits of others in the space and a few whispers being said in the industry about their survival.

For simple perspective, Azubu doesn’t even register in Quantcast for traffic estimates. Will be interesting to revisit this 6 months from now.

(Photo: Quantcast)