TNL eSports Brand Tracker 005: Dollar Shave Club and ELEAGUE


TNL eSports Brand Tracker 005: Dollar Shave Club and ELEAGUE (Photo: ELEAGUE Twitch)

TNL eSports Brand Tracker 005: Dollar Shave Club and ELEAGUE (Photo: ELEAGUE Twitch)

TNL Take: Most young men start shaving around the age of 15.

Assuming a life expectancy of 80, that's 65 years of potential revenue, with a ridiculous LTV (Lifetime Value) and makes sense for CPG Brands to invest in eSports with the core male audience.

Looks like Dollar Shave Club is doing just that.

During last week's ELEAGUE Major, I noticed their Sponsorship during the Finals match between Astralis and Virtus Pro in the screenshot above.

There was no PR from Turner or Dollar Shave Club on this, so not much more info or details on the partnership. Dollar Shave Club isn't a small Brand either having been bought by behemoth Unilever last year for a cool Billion.

This isn't Unilever's first foray into eSports having sponsored eSports teams Cloud9 and Team Solo Mid via their Axe Brand investment.

Axe Sponsors Cloud9 and Team Solo Mid (Photo: Twitch)

2017 will be the year that CPG Brands break out as a leading Ad vertical.

TNL eSports Brand Tracker 039: GEICO and Team SoloMid


Geico eSports Web Series Featuring TSM (Photo: Geico)

TNL Take: I’m a huge fan of GEICO.

GEICO's creative is just amazing because they do the one thing that most Brands are afraid of:

Take Risk.

Who would have guessed a camel talking about Hump Day on a Wednesday would be shared almost 4M times making it GEICO's most viral video?

Ice-T at a Lemonade stand? Genius.

GEICO has supported top North American eSports team Team SoloMid (TSM) for over a year now and looks like their partnership has been renewed.

Over the past month, GEICO has released a Web series exclusively dedicated to their TSM Sponsorship.

And true to GEICO's form - they're hilarious.

Not only is GEICO looking to be included in the 2016 TNL Top 5 Brands; checking the current TNL eSports Brand Tracker which hit 040, Geico is currently the only Insurance Brand to invest in eSports.

The 2016 US Market for Auto Insurance alone is a quarter Trillion dollars.

GEICO is planting an early leadership stake in eSports.