TNL eSports Startups 001: Znipe

Swedish eSports Live Streaming Startup Znipe Raises $1M

TNL Take: I can't get Alan Rickman playing Snape out of my head every time I say Znipe's name. 

Swedish based Znipe was started by two former eSports Champions, CEO Johan "Vesslan" Ryman who played for NiP and Business Development Head Christian "Vilden" Lidstrom who played for SK Gaming along with Founder and CTO Erik Åkerfeldt.

Znipe CEO and (Photo: Znipe)

Znipe CEO and (Photo: Znipe)

Znipe just launched at ESL One Cologne and their benefit is providing viewers with the ability to customize your experience from up to 12 streams. A few others are tackling eSports viewership for this more hardcore viewing experience.

I'm curious as to how big the ~10% of the market is compared with the ~90% of the audience which may want just a passive, lean back experience. 

Especially on Mobile.

(via CB Insights)