Cloud 9 Raises $2.8M


eSports Team Cloud 9 (Photo: Cloud 9)

TNL Take: If you still don't believe that Pro Sports and eSports will provide a symbiotic relationship, here are 20 examples.

Now we can add some more big names to the list.

According to an SEC Filing found via TheScore eSports, Cloud 9 has raised $2.8M and looking for $3M total.

Now the investors weren't disclosed but I'm going to make a guess.

Blizzcon 2016 (Photo: John Stephens)

Who's in that picture above at Blizzcon 2016?

  • Patriots Owner Robert Kraft
  • Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick
  • Rams Owner Stan Kroenke
  • Cloud 9 Owner Jack Etienne


I'm guessing not.

Back in July in The Next Level 032, I predicted these NFL teams would be the next to invest in eSports:

Excerpt from The Next Level 032 (Photo: The Next Level)

My guess on a few that invested in Cloud9 - The Kraft's and Elon Musk

Every other large North American eSports team owner is very happy right now.