eSports Pro Team Investment: NiP Worth $12.5M


(Photo: Bjorn Lindgren)

TNL Take: Owning an eSports team is the new G6.

While it makes sense for a Sports team, even potentially a Media company to invest or those willing to hustle, for a lot it's a vanity play. 

With the huge spotlight on eSports over the past two years, the investment landscape - which I do think is changing - has caused a massive spike in eSports team valuation.

Which for a lot of team owners that have grinded for years; it's time to finally get a paycheck which I fully support.

I hear a lot about team valuations and my reactions range from:

Are you kidding me?!


I'm sorry, can you repeat that again?

Again, for certain investors it's a great early bet into a massive future potential.  While I would love to speak about those numbers, I don't reveal confidential information.


I will speak about public info however., which I'm fairly certain you can tell what they cover, revealed some very interesting insight into the recent investment into local team, Ninjas in Pyjamas - which is one of the best team names ever.

Here are the juicy details:

2015 Revenue: $2,100,000

2015 Profit: $83,000

$600K Investment at $12.5M Valuation

It's important to note that NiP also owns part of Xtrfy, which sell equipment and brought in $7.1M in revenue last year, which I'm sure helped with the valuation.

For everyone that asked, here's your data for your next pitch meeting.


Good luck.