TNL eSports Startups 005: Genvid Raises $1.5M For eSports Broadcasts


TNL eSports Startups 005: Genvid

TNL Take: I briefly looked at Genvid back in June in The Next Level 010 The War On Twitch.

As that article was getting fairly long, I grouped Genvid with other companies in the streaming tools space like Infiniscene, Hubtag, Stage 10 and Beam - which should sound familiar as Microsoft bought them last month.

Genvid is now announced a $1.5M seed funding round for their eSports broadcast camera technology.

Genvid (Photo: Genvid)

I believe in opportunities in the streaming space however this seems challenging for two reasons:


/01 Developer Monetization

Why the release alluded to consumer engagement, it seems that Genvid's product is really more suited for developers.

Therein lies the hurdle.

Even if the technology is Best In Class and all the big eSports Publishers want to use it, there's limited revenue potential due to that small number.

/02 VR

Genvid also said that their tech would be useful for VR developers.

Genvid Video (Photo: Venturebeat)

There was no public video made available and it's tough to gauge applicability based on the picture above; but it seems the 360 degree nature of VR may eliminate this need.

Still I can't be sure without seeing it in action.

While I don't think Genvid provides the engagement that Beam did - and that deal is all about Minecraft than broadcasting anyways - the one potential upside is providing this tech to traditional sports broadcasting.