Twitch's Curse Acquisition Is All About Voice


(Photo: Twitch)

TNL Take: Apparently the eSports/Streaming buying spree is on as Twitch announced the acquisition of gaming community and voice app provider Curse. Amazon now has three Gaming acquisitions under its belt with Twitch, developer Double Helix and now Curse.

This is also the second big buy in just the past week with Microsoft buying live streaming and engagement platform Beam on Thursday.

[Graphic Designers at multi-billion dollar companies: The whole COMPANY + STARTUP thing for acquisition announcements is tired. C'mon, you can do better.]

Curse has three primary products: a community of gaming guide websites or "wikis", a YouTube MCN and a voice platform. 

The majority of press has surrounded Curse's 40+ gaming websites which are focused on primarily eSports games like lolnexus, about League of Legends.

Sure this will bring 30M+ more users to Twitch's overall audience - but for banner ads and pre-rolls?




This deal is primarily about Voice.

(Photo: Curse)

Voice is super integral to the eSports community and this also fits perfectly with Twitch's larger mantra of streamers and providing more tools that enhance engagement with their audience.

I couldn't find further details on this Curse feature but anything related to analytics will be beneficial for Twitch/Amazon:

(Photo: Curse)

So who else could Twitch have bought?


  • Skype: Already owned by Microsoft (which was previously owned by eBay)
  • Discord: With the low end 10X VC return, guessing $300M was a bit pricey
  • Teamspeak: Everybody hates it


Now the big question for me is what happens to Discord, the fantastic voice app that's made huge traction over the past year, and raised $30M.

If you don't think Curse and Discord are comparable, this is from Curse's own site:

(Photo: Curse)

Usually when two buys occur so quickly in a niche industry, the ugly C-word "consolidation" gets thrown around and in this case; it may be true.

I still believe there's opportunity for smaller companies to thrive in the eSports ecosystem but the only unicorns you're going to find is Pro team Unicorns of Love.

(Photo: Unicorns of Love)