TNL eSports Startups 007: Rumblemonkey Rolls Out Real Money Platform

TNL ESPORTS STARTUPS 007: Rumblemonkey

TNL eSports Startups 007: Rumblemonkey (Photo: The Next Level)

TNL Take: Rumblemonkey recently came out of stealth at PAX West for their Head-to-Head real money eSports platform. Rumblemonkey has raised an undisclosed amount of Angel funding.

Rumblemonkey Real Money Platform (Photo: Rumblemonkey)

At PAX West, Rumblemonkey debuted a Hearthstone 1v1 game for real money with proceeds benefiting charity.

Rumblemonkey at PAX West (Photo: Rumblemonkey)

Real money "platforms" for eSports are not unique and there are plenty of other startups in the space.

Founder and CEO Jacob Rapaport did tell me an interesting tidbit. Rumblemonkey offered both a $5 and $100 option to play.  Rappaport said they saw a "significant" portion of the audience choosing the $100 option with Rumblemonkey's Twitter announcing $1,000 generated in a single day.

Outside of the usual Skill Based Gaming vs. Gambling conversation that inevitably comes up, is the standard issue of building a product on someone else's IP:


You ultimately need Publisher support.