EA Pours $1.3M Into FIFA eSports


(Photo: EA Sports)

TNL Take: I told you EA was going to invest heavily into FIFA eSports.

I just didn't realize it would be this much.

And it's just as smart as Microsoft's move.

At Gamescon yesterday, EA Competitive Gaming Chief Peter Moore announced a $1.3M Prize Pool for FIFA 17.

Only one major detail was revealed and it's all you need to know: FIFA 17 eSports will be based around Ultimate Team.

Ultimate Team is essentially a digital version of old school baseball cards mixed with gameplay.

You need to earn - or more importantly buy - packs to get the good players.

To give you a sense of how important Ultimate Team modes are to EA and their shareholders, after the most recent Q1 Earnings release - of which EA beat estimates for the 13th straight quarter - a Barclays analyst said after raising their own targets due to:

"Margin upside from a higher digital mix of revenue, particularly from 'Ultimate Team"

EA's stock has also been on a tear, essentially doubling over the past two years.

I won't hold it against EA that the stock went from $50 to $15 during my years there. 

But they did use Blur's "Song 2" in the trailer which just rocks: