5 Questions With: Stéphane Gambetta, Esports BAR


Stéphane Gambetta, Esports BAR (Photo: Esports BAR)

Stéphane Gambetta, Esports BAR (Photo: Esports BAR)

TNL Take: In the 1st edition of "5 Questions With", we speak with Stéphane Gambetta, Strategy and Business Development Director with Esports BAR. 

/01 What can Reed MIDEM and the Esports BAR provide for the emerging esports industry?

Being part of Reed Exhibitions, the world’s leading exhibition and conference organiser, Reed MIDEM has a trusted reputation for building effective, well-organised and international events. We also have the expertise in serving complex rights markets and have 50 years of history helping notably entertainment businesses grow through international professional markets such as MIPCOM, MIPTV or MIDEM.

Additionally, through our entertainment markets, we have the contacts and industry knowledge of the brand world, with its need to be at the heart of the storytelling and media experience, with both its wish to get into content distribution rights for esports events as well as its capacity to offer high quality production capabilities to the esports organisers.


/02 How much support has the event received from the industry?

The first two editions - the first one was held in Cannes last February and the second took place in Miami in September - have received wide acclaim and reached a 90% satisfaction rating.

To provide the most productive esports matchmaking experience possible and better understand the needs of the sector, we’re also supported by an advisory team of leading esports professionals from companies and teams including Electronic Arts, ESL, Activision-Blizzard, MTGx, Turner, ROX Tigers and Fnatic.   


/03 What are the next steps for Esports BAR now?

Following the success of the first two editions in Cannes and Miami, Esports BAR Cannes 2018 is already attracting major companies and global brands that are looking to stay ahead of the meta in the fast-growing esports sector.

In February, the central theme of Esports BAR Cannes will be "Esports Comes of Age: Drafting a Long-Term Battle Plan" focusing debate on the key factors to take the sector to the next level and create the conditions for a sustainable and thriving industry.

Additional panels include "Learning from the Leagues" currently featuring ESL, FACEIT, StarLadder, and Activision Blizzard,  "Assessing the Value of esports Sponsorship" with Nielsen Esports and sports and esports will be a main topic of the panel "Football Clubs in esports: What, Why and Who" including major international sports agencies like STARK eSports and Qwatti eSports.


/04 What makes Esports BAR different than other esports conferences or events?

What has set Esports BAR apart from other esports events is therefore the high quality of the professionals gathered in one place and the global participation with eighteen countries represented. Our goal was to create a platform to discuss sponsorships and distribution rights among non-indigenous and indigenous brands, media, esports teams, professional leagues, game publishers and advertising agencies.

In addition, the format is very specific and effective for business. Esports BAR is an optimal mix of formal and informal events designed to accomplish the most possible in three days.


/05 Do you see Esports BAR expanding to other international locations?

We are definitely not interested by short term approaches. Our ambition is to support the long-term growth of the esports sector as we have been doing for the TV and music industries.

Esports BAR is set in Europe, thanks to Esports Bar Cannes, regularly scheduled each year in the French Riviera in February, as well as in the US with Esports Bar Miami which takes place in September.

Both editions give us the opportunity to reach two different break through regions of the sector, Europe and the Americas. That being said, we constantly study the trends impacting the market and will adapt our offer accordingly to the specific needs industry.

Sponsored article by Esports BAR Cannes, the leading B2B esports event.

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NBA 2K League Panel Video


NBA 2K League Panel Presented by The Next Level (Photo: The Next Level)

NBA 2K League Panel Presented by The Next Level (Photo: The Next Level)

TNL Take: Last week at the TEAMS Conference in Orlando, The Next Level presented a NBA 2K League eSports panel with NBA executives and those directly on the front lines with their teams.

A few of the topics that we covered:

  • Why are the NBA and 2K doing this?
  • We’ve seen the 1st announcement with the 76ers and Blue Cross as their first brand sponsor for the 2K team. What sponsor categories are going to be most active in this league and who will it be open to?
  • What are the Celtics, Jazz and Wizards going to do differently to pull ahead in the 2K League?
  • Viewers are now going to be asked to watch a “digital Dan from Dallas.” How’s the NBA addressing this issue of getting viewers to watch unknown eSports athletes?
  • With the announcements of the NALCS franchising and OWL league spots, how do you think that this will help the 2k League start with a very heavy presence of NBA teams in those leagues?
  • How will the draft be executed and will trades be allowed?
NBA 2K League Panel Presented by The Next Level (Photo: Rahat Ahmed)

NBA 2K League Panel Presented by The Next Level (Photo: Rahat Ahmed)

Exclusive: eSports Travel Summit To Hold Its First NBA 2K League Panel


NBA 2K League Panel at 2017 TEAMS Conference (Photo: The Next Level)

NBA 2K League Panel at 2017 TEAMS Conference (Photo: The Next Level)

Exclusive:  The Next Level is proud to announce the first panel held by the eSports Travel Summit dedicated to the launch of the new NBA 2K League on November 1.

This educational session will examine the launch of the NBA 2K League, which the NBA and 2K see as a platform for the engagement of the next generation of sports fans. 

Confirmed presenters for the session include Aaron Ryan, senior vice-president of business operations for the NBA 2K League; Ted Dalton, senior vice-president of corporate partnerships and business development for the Boston Celtics; Alex Martins, chief executive officer for the Orlando Magic; Josh Barney, director of eSports and technology for the Utah Jazz; and veteran broad- caster Bonnie Bernstein, founder of Walk Swiftly Productions. 

The session will be presented by The Next Level and will be moderated by Manny Anekal.

Visit TEAMSconference.com for further info