eSports Is Like 1950's Basketball


Daryl Morey Dropping eSports Knowledge (Photo: Northwestern)

TNL Take: I'm a huge fan of Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey.

Anyone that can take the data and analytics concept of Moneyball in Baseball and apply it to the NBA - or Moreyball - is awesome.

When someone is able to see the long term potential of eSports - but also the near term challenges - he wins even more in my mind.

Here's a video of him being interviewed where he refers to Pro Gamers as Athletes.

In 2012.

I had the opportunity to speak with Daryl during my time at Major League Gaming, where he was a board member.

I chat with a lot of people on the "inside" of eSports who I still believe don't get the full infrastructure needs or revenue opportunities.

For a non-Gaming Executive and someone of Daryl's level to get the space was astonishing and refreshing.

He recently made some comments on ESPN's TrueHoops podcast about eSports that I thought  was not only interesting, but echoed a few similar points that I've expressed as well.


/01 What's the Future of Media? Watch your Kids

"To me, when I was a kid, we watched terrible network TV because it was all we had. We watched 'The A-Team' and 'Knight Rider. My son is 14. He watches these let's play videos, people playing other in video games. These videos are more entertaining and more interesting than the bad '80s TV." - Daryl Morey

I completely agree with this and astonished that more Media, Sports and Entertainment Execs don't watch their most important case study: Their own kids.

I literally said the same thing last Friday using my own son's YouTube and Minecraft consumption as an example.


/02 eSports Is Like 1950's Basketball

"I think it's the 1950s basketball right now, where there's that kind of opportunity," - Daryl Morey

I may include this quote on all future eSports proposal decks going forward.  It nails everything I've said to date:

There's plenty of opportunity in the long term but we have to consider the reality of the near term.

I wanted to get some perspective on what the NBA was like in 1950 when it first formed and this point stuck out to me the most:


1950 was the first year that African-Americans were allowed to play.


I think the NBA has made some slight progress in that area since 1950.

Let's give eSports the same time and effort we put into traditional Sports and everything will be just fine.