TNL eSports Guest Podcast 005: Yellowstar, Head of PSG eSports


Bora "Yellowstar" Kim, Head of Paris Saint-Germain eSports (Photo: PSG eSports)

Bora "Yellowstar" Kim, Head of Paris Saint-Germain eSports (Photo: PSG eSports)

TNL Take: In this edition of The Next Level eSports Guest Podcast, we speak with Bora "Yellowstar" Kim, former League of Legends player for Fnatic and Team SoloMid, who now manages eSports for top French soccer - sorry I'm a Yank - team Paris Saint-Germain.

We cover:

  • Yellowstar first playing video games when he was just 2 years old and first dipped into eSports with Starcraft at age 8.
  • His thoughts on Riot eventually moving towards a franchise model vs. the current league structure [Ed: This was recorded prior to Riot actually announcing the move to franchising]
  • Transitioning from being an eSports athlete to working on the business side of eSports
  • Why he chose Paris Saint-Germain 
  • The biggest challenge of building eSports at PSG and what’s been the easiest
  • PSG’s brands deals with ASUS Republic of Gamer’s and Microsoft
  • Why France has been one of the most active countries and teams involved with eSports and why other soccer teams haven't made the eSports investment
  • What other eSports titles is PSG looking to enter
  • The biggest one: Will Yellowstar return to League of Legends and both run and play for PSG eSports?

Hope you enjoy our conversation

TNL eSports Guest Podcast 005: Yellowstar, Head of PSG eSports (Photo: Yellowstar)

eSports Investment Continues To Roll


ESWC 2015 (Photo: ESWC)

TNL Take: At least we got Monday off.

After the slew of eSports investments over the past two weeks

the pace is not slowing down.

French company Webedia announced that they are acquiring Oxent, owner of both ESWC, Electronic Sports World Cup, and Toornament, an eSports tournament platform, as well as involvement with top Ligue 1 Team PSG.  Webedia has partnerships and JV's in Gaming with IGN, Gamestar and GamePro.

My High School French is pretty poor as well so let's translate what that means:


/01 ESWC

ESWC 2015 (Photo: ESWC)

ESWC is one of Europe's oldest eSports tournaments dating back to 2003 as well as the largest in France.

ESWC has also passed through a number of hands after being originally created by French company, Ligarena.  In 2009, ESWC was sold to Games-Solution, which was then bought by Oxent in 2012 and now owned by Webedia in 2016.



Toornament and MLG (Photo: Toornament)

Toornament is an eSports tournament platform similar to Faceit or Battlefy.

Toornament was one of the earliest platforms launching back in 2014. They've recently powered major tournaments from League of Legends to Events like MLG Columbus.


 /03 PSG FC

Ligue 1 Pro Team PSG FC

Now here is where it gets really interesting.

Between Webedia's Media properties, the value of both Events (ESWC) and Platform (Toornament) becomes obvious.

Now take this a step further.

Webedia also invested in Bang Bang Management, an eSports Athlete representation company which coincidentally represents.....EA FIFA Athletes.


I can't paint the picture more clearly.


 Combined with all of those assets, Webedia is now advising PSG FC on their eSports strategy.