TNL eSports Podcast 008: Versus Sports Launch and EA Madden Signing

TNL ESPORTS PODCAST 008: Versus Sports Launch and EA Madden NFL Potential

TNL eSports Podcast 008: Versus Sports Launch (Photo: Versus Sports)

September 12 ‘2016

My chat with Kevin Knocke on SiriusXM IGN eSports Today covering:

  • Versus Sports Launch
  • 1st Athlete Signing: 2016 EA Madden Champ Frank “Stiff” Sardoni
  • EA Madden NFL eSports Potential
  • E LEAGUE Season 2 Debut
  • Professional eSports Association (PEA)


Welcome To Versus Sports


Versus Sports (Photo: Versus Sports)

You're either In or you're Out. 

I maybe pontificating but whether in life, love or livelihood, you have to be fully committed for something to really work.

I've written enough about where I see not only the huge eSports opportunity but also the massive near term challenges.

So I'm going to put my money where my mouth is.


Welcome To Versus Sports.


Versus Sports will live where I believe a few areas are converging: Gaming + Sports + Media + Technology + Entertainment + Investment - all with Brands at the heart.

I don't believe in Press proclaiming future progress without having achieved any.  So the announcements from VS. will focus on execution as best as possible.

Two things I can say now:

  • VS. is NOT just an Athlete representation company
  • VS. is NOT just focused on eSports 

As always, thank you to the readers, supporters, partners and investors.


What's happening to The Next Level? 

Nothing at all. 

I'm just going to run both.


-Manny Anekal

Founder and CEO

Versus Sports and The Next Level