Shaq, the White House, eSports and Healthcare

Shaq, the White House, eSports and Healthcare

White House Game-A-Thon (Photo: Twitch)

TNL Take: I'd never think I'd write those words in my life.

On Monday, Shaq along with Twitch worked with the White House to host an eSports event to help Americans sign up for the Affordable Care Act.

Having an entire family of doctors - I'm Indian - I've heard so many sides of the healthcare "debate" in this country.

I also like facts and here they are: 

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, 20 million Americans now know the peace of mind and financial security of having health insurance. Young adults had the highest uninsured rates before the Affordable Care Act and have seen the sharpest drop in uninsured rates since 2010. But millions of millennials remain uninsured, and many of those uninsured young adults could qualify for tax credits on the Health Insurance Marketplace to keep insurance affordable. In fact, most consumers can find a plan for under $75 a month, less than their cell phone bill.

Shaq believes in eSports and I believe in him.

I maybe biased, but in college many, many years ago i interned for the Miami Heat and I bleed Black and Red - and they would never have won in 2006 without him.

And Kobe - you wouldn't have that many rings either. Now just invest in eSports also. 😎