Everyone Is Off, eSports Is Not


NYC Fourth of July Fireworks (Photo: Getty Images)

NYC Fourth of July Fireworks (Photo: Getty Images)

The start of this holiday weekend, I sent 25+ emails to startups/companies valued/market cap with $100M+.

96% of the responses I received went something like this:

"Thanks for reaching out. I'll be on vacation till 7/10. For any urgent needs please reach out to [INSERT NAME]. Have a great holiday!"

I have 0 issue with taking time off and #FamilyTime and is absolutely critical, but I shouldn't have been surprised as most companies gave Mon/Wed off as well.

With everyone off this week, The Next Level will continue next Monday 7/10however there will be updates on www.tnl.media and as always on twitter @mannyanekal

Few areas that The Next Level will cover:


  • 2017 Q2 Brand Deals - Did we hit 50?
  • 75M US eSports Investments in 2017
  • Pro Sports and eSports: Whats the real ROI?
  • And a peek into an upcoming research report

Have a great holiday week and see you next week!

PS For those wondering who that 4%/1 company was that responded over the weekend - let's say 1/ I've covered them many times and 2/ That's why they will continue to dominate.