EA Helps Traditional Sports Teams With eSports Athletes


(Photo: PSV)

TNL Take: Besides the enjoyment I get out of the eSports industry, it's also been a Duolingo replacement for me this year as I've learned a tiny bit of Mandarin, Portuguese and now Dutch.

Dutch Eredivisie team PSV Eindhoven becomes the next on an ever growing list of traditional sports teams entering eSports.

(Source: tnl.media)

However this comes with a twist.

Instead of directly signing a FIFA Athlete or larger scale with a full eSports team like FC Schalke, PSV will hold a FIFA 17 tournament to determine their player.


The interesting part is that this once again shows the power of the Publisher.


By smartly integrating a FIFA 17 tournament into the selection process, it gives EA more control.

EA's recent sponsorship of both German team Bayern Munich and the English Premier League could be signs of more traction in this area.

Is the eSports ecosystem ready to support a level of stars through a draft system like this?


We will see real soon.