Dallas Cowboys Considering eSports Team Buy

Dallas Cowboys Considering eSports Team Buy

Dallas Cowboys In EA Madden NFL 17 (Photo: EA Sports)

Dallas Cowboys In EA Madden NFL 17 (Photo: EA Sports)

TNL Take: It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when.

While European Soccer continues it's dominance, the NBA is leading eSports investment amongst the top 4 US Sports Leagues.

Now it looks like the NFL is finally ready to make its move.

The Dallas Cowboys are said to have spent the last year looking into buying an eSports team.

Cowboys Senior VP of Brand Marketing Matt O'Neil told AdWeek "If we thought we could buy a team for -- gimme a number -- $2 million, $3 million, $5 million or whatever, but get $7 million in sponsorship deals over the next couple years it becomes a no-brainer".

FYI Matt, it's going to cost more than $2M.

What's even more interesting is who the Dallas Cowboys worked with - not an eSports company - but Epsilon, a Direct Marketing company that has been slowly transitioning to Creative and Strategy over the last few years.

Epsilon launched a new internal group called Data Design that hopes to show Clients which Brands are associated with eSports and of those, which Brands match most closely with the Cowboys' fanbase.

Expect more of this customized service that Agencies will provide in 2017.

In the 2016 eSports Review: Pro Teams, I made 5 predictions and looks like 4 of them are about to already happen:

/01 An NFL team will make a move before next season starts

/02 Europe will continue to dominate overall investment

/03 Another country will announce a similar e-league like France's

/04 A publisher will work with a league to form a more formal structure

/05 eSports teams will start wearing Pro Team merchandise


2017 Pro Team investment in eSports is off to a roaring start.