ESL Signs 5-Year Africa eSports TV Deal


TNL Take: Europe has dominated eSports investment from both traditional Sports – now 15 teams have invested to dateMedia companies and startups.

Africa is expected to be the next big market after BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China).

Where there’s a market and money, eSports will enter the space.

ESL announced a five-year deal with Africa’s Econet Media’s Kwesé Sports for the pair to broadcast eSports across the continent.

The deal covers a variety of ESL content, such as the Intel Extreme Masters, ESL One and ESL Pro Leagues.  Those have been fairly standard deal terms that ESL has done lately but here’s the slight change.

In addition to broadcasting major tournaments, Kwesé will also be launching the continent’s first 24/7 eSports channel in the coming months.

Kwesé Sports also hosted the African Challenge eSports Gaming (ACE) Tournament that took place at the rAge Expo in Johannesburg this past weekend.

African Challenge eSports (Photo: Kwese Sports)

A 24/7 eSports channel in Africa seems a bit early but I don't believe that Kwesé will restrict eSports to just TV.

Because of their popular Mobile App Kwesé Now.

Kwese Now (Photo: Kwese)

Kwese Now (Photo: Kwese)

The fact that Kwesé Sports is even considering a 24/7 channel shows the long term growth potential of eSports.