AS Monaco and Epsilon Makes It Europe's 15th eSports Deal

AS Monaco eSports Athlete Makes It 15 EU Teams

AS Monaco eSports

TNL Take: When I first started tracking eSports in April, the Pro Team investment was a trickle.

Now it’s a firehouse.

AS Monaco becomes the 15th European investment in eSports by signing Nathan “Sneaky” Nayagom who will represent them for the next season.

TNL eSports Infographic 014 (Graphic: The Next Level)

This also doesn’t even include the EA’s League 1 deal or this weekend's Legia Cup.

There wasn't much info given and I hate regurgitation of a Press Release but there were some interesting details:

  • Sneaky will still be a part of Epsilon but will where the Red and White of AS Monaco - Merchandising?
  • He will already be representing AS Monaco in the Legia Cup among many other teams
  • Another great piece of intro content from a EU team introducing eSports

Like every other Pro Team that has invested in eSports, Bruno Skropeta, AS Monaco Marketing and Communication Director said this about their investment:

"eSports has a really young market which is a growing sector, and is therefore an important new step in the digital strategy of the club"


OK MLS your move.